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Needham Ink is a family-owned company founded in 1962 in the UK. Today, this company has become a leader in the ink manufacturing industry with global distribution capabilities and thousands of ink formulations. They have reached leader status because of their strong set of values as well as in their business practices.

The areas of expertise at which Needham Ink excel include the research, development, testing, manufacture, and distribution of industrial inks, fluids, and marking products. Needham Ink is dedicated to these aspects of innovative ink technologies.

Research and Development

Needham Ink has a wide range of capabilities that allow them to devote the necessary time and effort into research and development. State-of-the-art equipment and internal resources gives them the capability to provide custom-made products for a wide variety of applications. Problem solving various inking or marking methods is one of the main focuses at Needham Ink.

Ink Types

  • CIJ (continuous inkjet) fluids are designed for a wide range of continuous inkjet printer makes and models. These inks are designed to be compatible with a full range of OEM inks like Linx, Hitachi, Willet, and Videojet. They also have the capability to develop a bespoke option according to your specifications.
  • Pigmented Continuous Inkjet inks are designed to have exceptional stability and optimal adhesion to various substrates, including metals, plastics, and glass. The traits range from general purpose to specialty inks with a variety of viscosity options for superior drop placement and accuracy for high print quality. It’s also formulated to work with various nozzle sizes.
  • Dye-Based Continuous Inkjet inks are designed for specialty continuous inkjet printers used for marking and coding diverse substrates like plastics, glass, and metal. Dye-based inks are used in the electronics industry as well as for the soft drink industry. Food grade dyes are also available for imprinting food products such as eggs.
  • Drop on demand inkjet inks are used globally. These inks go through a rigorous testing process and are then distributed to more than 73 countries.

Needham has a strict environmental policy they adhere to that meet the highest of standards of environment safety. Needham Ink encompasses high environmental standards, quality ink development, superior distribution, and customer service.

Needham Ink

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