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Do you love RC vehicles? Are you interested in getting the best prices for hobby grade remote control cars, trucks, buggies, and other RC vehicles? Maybe you would also like to earn some extra money for your RC vehicle reviews.


What is RC Egg?

RC Egg is a platform where users write and share their impartial reviews and get the best prices on their favorite RC toys. This platform is easy to use, informative, and transparent on its mission and how it works. As far as RC Egg is concerned, it wouldn’t work without its users/reviewers.

The site is very easy to use and navigate. If you don’t see what you want at a glance, simply use the advanced RC finder to use their easy-to-use searchable database of RC vehicles.

RC Egg features a vast range of hobby grade remote control vehicles at the best prices. The areas of interest in remote control vehicles include the following.

  • Land RC – The land remote control vehicles include cars, buggies, and trucks. You can choose from RC Nitro or electric buggies or cars and Nitro, buggies, or gas RC trucks.
  • Water RC – Remote control boats are the water RC range of products at RC Egg.
  • Air RC – If you like flying RC helicopters or planes, RC Egg has those too.

RC Egg also has batteries and fuel to help keep your RC vehicle running.


What does it take to write reviews for RC Egg?

You don’t have to register to write reviews and win money for doing so. It’s as simple as going to the review rewards program page, writing a review on one of their RC vehicles and submit. Your content will be reviewed to make sure your content fits with the terms and conditions of the website before it’s accepted. Once your review is accepted, it goes into the database where winners are chosen. If your review is chosen you win money for it.




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