Needham Laser

Needham Laser was established in 1962. For more than five decades they have been serving the UK by providing, maintaining, and offering support for marking and coding equipment to a large range of industries.

They have the knowledge, network, and experience to help with a diverse range of technologies related to the etching, engraving, and marketing industry.

Needham Laser sells a full range of marking, etching, and engraving machines and accessories to suit many platforms and functions. Here is a little sample of the range of machines, accessories, and types of equipment they handle.



  • Fiber Laser Systems are simple to use, but offer a flexible variety of features and amazing accuracy.
  • YAG Etching Systems offer a wide range of dynamic features for laser marking ideally suited to light and high-speed marking applications. These etch all types of metals, plastics, and are ideal for IDs, passports, and personalization applications.
  • CO2 Marking Systems are feature-rich, compact, easy to use and offer exceptional reliability. These machines can etch labels, quartz, glass, ceramics, crystals, most organic materials, and fabrics.


Platform Applications

If you think all etching, engraving, and marking systems are large machines, you’ll be happy to know that Needham Laser provides handheld, portable, desktop, and workstation style systems as well as industrial-sized equipment.



If you prefer to rent a system, Needham Laser offers flexible lease terms, easy rental options, bespoke solutions, and superior service and support for their machines.


Service & Support

Beyond sales and rentals, Needham Laser offers training and support, marking services, an inventory of used laser systems, and video tutorials.

Needham Laser is always improving, growing, evolving, and merging and working with many brands and making relationships with related industries.

Needham Laser

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