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If you want your baby to grow and be healthy, you nurture, comfort, feed, clothe, and make sure he has everything he needs. Your business is like a baby. It starts out helpless. Without you, it cannot grow, thrive, or succeed. Unlike a baby, your business never becomes an independent entity that does things for itself. You always have to be involved in its growth and success.

In today’s modern and digital world, it’s virtually impossible for a business owner to do it all. Even if you have the knowledge, education, expertise, and ability to do it all, you do not have the time. Your efforts should go to the day-to-day operations of your business. Some aspects of growing your business, like public relations and marketing, should be outsourced.

O’Malley Hansen Communications is a public relations business dedicated to helping your business grow through consumer marketing, building a strong corporate reputation, social media planning and management, influencer outreach, and employee engagement.

Public relations (PR) is an underused resource that has vast benefits for building your brand and boosting your success. How does O’Malley Hansen Communications take care of your PR?

  • Consumer Content Marketing – You need a back story for your business. It takes a team of PR experts to create, place, and distribute your story to the public. PR can be your first impression or you last, but it needs to be part of your marketing plan.
  • Strong Corporate Brand – A strong brand lends itself to a strong corporate reputation. Your brand/corporation is the face of your business as a whole. It needs to be strong and healthy to thrive, just like a baby.
  • Social Media Management – Social networks provide several avenues of engagement that should be explored for your marketing and PR strategies. Social media and traditional media aren’t usually compatible, but somehow OHC helps them work together to capitalize on unique and effective ways to connect to your audience online.
  • Influencer Outreach – Who are influencers? Influencers are bloggers, experts, celebrities, or even your next door neighbor and their kids. OHC locates and identifies the best influencers across many channels in order to gain influencers to boost your exposure.
  • Employee Engagement – Your corporation is better when its employees are engaged and happy. Employee engagement programs reach out to your employees for more efficient and fluid communications and management.

While your advertising and marketing strategies are important to your success, PR should be your front line to the public. PR provides a path to your audience so they can get to know you, your story, and what you do and how you do it. Many factors go into this process that you, the business owner don’t have time to do on your own. Just like busy families sometimes need help with taking care of their babies, you sometimes need help taking care of your business. A boutique style PR firm like OHC can help you boost your image and your marketing.


O'Malley Hansen

Amazing Support

Amazing Support

It’s amazing that you seldom find good help through IT services. That is, unless you know The Amazing Way of Amazing Support. Amazing Support is a customer-centric company that offers a wide range of IT support solutions for its clients.

What is The Amazing Way?

The Amazing Way is the mantra, the mission, and the way Amazing Support does business. It all starts with the teams from management to support engineers. Customer service is the primary focus of every team member.

The Amazing Way is all about communication, attitude, responsibility, and expertise.

  • Communication ensures every client has the attention of each member of the team, internally and externally. Nothing is ever done without full communication across the board.
  • Attitude at AS encompasses honesty, professionalism, dedication, and the sound advice provided by every team member.
  • Responsibility at AS is taking ownership of any support problems you encounter and doing everything possible to fixing them.
  • Expertise is the experience, reliability, and reassurance every support member provides the clients.

The Amazing Way is equal to taking CARE of every IT and support issue that arises in an efficient, effective, and responsible manner.

Every client receives the same high standard in on-boarding, training, audits, reviews, updates, emails, support, maintenance, connectivity, maintenance, monitoring, security, backup, disaster recovery, cloud, infrastructure, and consultancy.

In a world where customer service is so in demand, Amazing Support delivers as promised.



Amazing Support


London Fight Factory

Whether you’re considering learning martial arts for protection or for competition, you need a good training program to excel. The London Fight Factory, a world renowned mixed martial arts gym, is where beginners to professionals are taught.

What are the areas of mixed martial arts that you can train in at the London Fight Factory?

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) training focuses on ground fighting and grappling. You will need the appropriate apparel for training, which is a two-piece judo-style suit with belt.
  • Muay Thai is a combat sport used in Thailand that makes use of clinching techniques and stand-up striking methods. Classes at the London Fight Factory include beginner, intermediate, advanced, or sparring. This is great exercise for conditioning and fitness. Initially you’ll only need a t-shirt and shorts.
  • Boxing classes are mixed with students at various levels. You’ll learn to strike and guard as well as how to use your upper body and feet for optimal competition.
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport. It’s called MMA because it mixes a blend of Muay Thai, BJJ, boxing, and wrestling techniques for a full range of martial arts. You will require a rash guard or t-shirt and shorts for your first few classes.
  • Wrestling isn’t like what you watch on television for entertainment. It is one of the oldest forms of combat. Freestyle wrestling is what is taught at the London Fight Factory. You will how to use your arms, legs, and body to defend and attack your opponent. Wrestling is also considered a great way to get fit.
  • Combat Sambo/Sambo for MMA is a new type of training offer at the London Fight Factory. Sambo is an acronym for a style of Russian self-defense called SAMozaschita Bez Orujiya, which translates to self-defense without weapon. It has a big Judo influence mixed with the native Soviet grappling arts. It wasn’t recognized as a sport until as recently as 1938.
  • Strength & Conditioning classes are used to help students enhance their flexibility as well as help them become stronger, faster, and boost their body’s endurance. These lessons are good for anyone who wants to fast track their way to better fitness.

These are the types of martial arts training styles you can expect from the London Fight Factory. Even if you’re a beginner, you can learn to defend yourself better, get fit and strong, or excel and compete. If you’re already advanced in these martial arts methods, you can get some practice, hone your skills, strengthen your body and stamina, and you might even learn something new. If you’re unsure whether or not to take a class, you can ask about their trial classes that allow you to try it before you take it.

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