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3Digital provides digital services using the vast skills, knowledge, and experience their team members have in the industry. This is a digital design, production, and marketing company that has a passion for results.



3Digital is based on a longstanding relationship between close siblings and meaningful friendships. Together, they bring synergy to all their services.



  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – They bring eight years of SEO and marketing experience to the table so clients can have higher search engine rankings and get noticed.
  • Video Marketing – Video production and marketing is important to today’s business success. Whether you have a small target campaign or a large, extended campaign, video marketing enhances exposure.
  • Website Design – They can build a website from scratch, or evaluate and analyse your existing site to find out what can be done to improve upon it. From your concept to efficient development, building a site that attracts new customers is the goal.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – Pay-Per-Click campaigns can be tricky without some expert help and advice.
  • Digital Branding – Every business needs to build their own brand. They can create your brand or improve your image with new branding.
  • Web Development – The goal of a great website is that it provides a robust and responsive experience.

The strong, well-developed relationships and expertise in digital services are what this company does.




Wedding Day Sparklers

Wedding Day Sparklers

Wedding Day Sparklers of Minnesota is a world-class supplier of wedding sparklers, wooden roses, and sky lanterns that add that special something to your big day. This business strives to provide the highest level of customer service and high-quality novelties for weddings.

Wedding sparklers aren’t your typical 4th of July or New Year’s sparklers. These specialty sparklers are designed to be used indoors at ceremonies and receptions. Made from steel or bamboo, wedding sparklers are low-smoke or smokeless so your wedding hall isn’t clouded with a haze. Hazy, eye-irritating smoke is why you should avoid using leftover sparklers from holidays and use specialty sparklers designed for indoor use. Always check with your local laws, ordinances, and venues before using wedding sparklers.


Wedding Sparkler Features

Wedding Day Sparklers offers packaging that matches your wedding day décor.

  • Variety of sizes – 10,18, 20, or 36-inch wedding sparklers are available in several colors and designs.
  • Types of sparklers – Neon colored, heart-shaped, regular, number-shaped, and other types of sparklers can be used in various ways for your big day.
  • Specialty sparklers – You can even have specialty sparklers for your wedding cake or for your wine/champagne bottles to add more spark to your happy event. You can also add reusable safety clips to secure wedding sparklers safely on bottles.


How do you use wedding sparklers?

Wedding sparklers are used at the sendoff line, or the grand exit for the happy couple. These are trendy replacements for bubbles, seeds, rice, or confetti. These sparklers are also great for pictures at the event and as centerpieces, wedding favors, and part of the decorations.

At Wedding Day Sparklers, the sparklers are double dipped so they are brighter and longer lasting than other kinds of sparklers. We also offer refunds on unused wedding sparklers when they are returned and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Wedding Day Sparklers
Wedding Day Sparklers
1625 County Hwy 10 D
Spring Lake Park, MN 55432
Phone: (763) 786-4278

logicgate enterprise risk management


LogicGate has 25 plus years of combined experience in the logistics industry. They help companies find web-enabled solutions for legal, compliance, and regulatory needs. Compliance to regulations and laws in the business world is crucial for preventing penalties, illegal activities, and the possible closure of your business.


Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC), and Legal Software Solutions

  • Enterprise Risk Management Software tailored to your organization creates an efficient, compliant business. This software changes with your business for accurate monitoring, identifying, and assessing risks.
  • Regulatory Compliance Solutions Software enables your business to utilize regulatory management solutions.  By linking to the government’s regulatory sources, your business will maintain full regulatory compliance at every level across the enterprise.
  • Policy Management Software offers a robust option to enable collaboration all across the enterprise so your business can ensure the effective and efficient development of policy and procedure documents. It also updates and follows your lines of business to ensure compliance. Your workflow is ensured via the software that ensures the appropriate employees are performing their respective tasks. Custom policy creation safeguards control documents that are analyzed, designed, written, approved, published, and communicated by the appropriate people.
  • Incident Management Software allows you to configure your incident reporting. This includes incidences such as IT tickets, customer complaints, and incident tracking. This task can be automated to create a hotline call log, legal review, fraud allegations, and audit findings.
  • Audit Management Software is used to perform internal investigations and to respond to audit and investigatory requests from government entities in a timely manner. Everything audit related is configured to your business and reported in a single platform suited and compatible with your company. Case Management Software works in much the same way within LogicGate’s systems.

LogicGate’s team of efficient technologists work to empower organizations like yours to solve the problems that prevent you from simply operating your business in its day-to-day tasks. The more efficient you can make your risk management, legal, and governance solutions, the more efficient your business will run.


logicgate enterprise risk management