The Pay Calculator

The Pay Calculator is a website that offers an income tax pay calculator for Australians who want to know how much they will pay in taxes for the year. It’s important to know so you can budget your money.


This calculator generates the following data: Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly/Annually

  • Gross income
  • Superannuation
  • Income tax
  • Medicare
  • Other taxes and levies
  • Tax offsets
  • Total taxes
  • Net income

You choose the items that meet your financial situation and the calculator does the work. While this calculator is accurate as possible, some room for error should be expected, therefore the results should be considered estimates.

This website also has a section that covers the tax rates for 2017 and a blog where you can find useful information related to taxes, mortgage brokers, mortgage insurance, income, superannuation, and other financial-related content. New content is added regularly and is subject to change at any time on the website.

Please be sure to see the terms and conditions page so you know how to assimilate and use the information provided on the website. The services of are intended to be used as a guide, not a financial advice like you would get from a professional financial advisor, mortgage broker, accountant, or any other financial expert.