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It can be hard to know exactly which product rates the best and what’s going to make your money stretch the farthest. By visiting our website, you save a lot of time that you would have spent finding out everything you could by yourself.

We only choose the top products to review, cherry-picking exclusively the items that come out on top every time, so you know that what you’re reading about is the very best. We work hard to consistently keep up to date with the latest in software applications and trending household items so that you’ve got all the necessary information in one place.

We are independently based which means the opinions expressed here are ours and ours only. We also run an incredibly helpful blog that operates similarly to the rest of the website, ensuring you have the best experience when it comes to useful reviews of anything from home and living to the very latest in technological software.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Selected Best?

Selected Best is a website that offers top quality reviews for products that are available online, primarily through Amazon. Our aim with Selected Best is to make your life easier when choosing the right product to go for and knowing that you’ve made a strong, educated choice with all the information we provide.

How Can I Contact Selected Best?

We love receiving feedback, comments, and questions from visitors to our site, and contacting us is easy. Just click on the “contact us” link located at the top of the homepage and send your message through to us directly using our email template.

What is Selected Best’s Privacy Policy?

We conduct a high functioning, professional blog, and website, and take your privacy very seriously. For more information on our Privacy Policy, please review this through the link “Privacy Policy” located on the homepage.


Does Selected Best receive compensation from the origins of the product being reviewed?

All of our product reviews are entirely objective – they are our opinion and ours alone.

Therefore we do not make any money for our product reviews directly from the manufacturer. We only make money if one of our visitors clicks through to the seller and makes a purchase based on reading our review. We receive a commission regardless of what you buy, which means that we aren’t biased to one particular, specific product.

The goal with Selected Best is delivering the most authentic, reliable reviews possible so that you know what you’re buying is quality.


What are the Terms of Service of Selected Best?

For the Terms of Service for Selected Best, please refer back to the homepage and click on the link called “Terms of Service.”


Can I copy reviews from Selected Best on my blog or website?

No. All of our reviews, unless stipulated otherwise, are protected by copyright and cannot be replicated for personal use. We will file DMCA notices against anyone infringing on this.

You are not allowed to copy any of our content without our express written consent, so if this is something that interests you, please contact us directly through the “contact us” link located on the homepage.