If you plan your journey in advance, you are far less likely to over-pack or forget any important items. But then, how to plan everything in advance? Well, try on the items you would like to pack two weeks in advance and see if you need to purchase anything.

Yes, this sounds a little boring, but appropriate lists beforehand can make a stress-free holiday. Also, separate your essentials from your desirables, and be realistic with your luggage limitations.

So now all you need to know is how to prepare an appropriate list – which can be different depending on your circumstances – for example a parent will pack differently to a single person. So this blog here is just for you!

  1. Passport (If you are traveling internationally) – Make absolutely sure that all your documents are valid! Moreover, assure that you have got all your visa details, if needed. And even carry a set of your passport size photographs while traveling.
  2. Cash/ Credit or Debit Cards – Cash cards are super useful if carrying cash and coins makes you nervous. So make sure they are on your list!
  3. Insurance cards – Insure to keep print out of your insurance documents and keep them safe.
  4. Rental/Hotel Confirmation Information – Your hotel/ Air Tickets address print out. That way if you cannot get it on your phone you can still tell a taxi driver where you need to get to.

Firstly, think about the material and the fabrics of the clothes you are packing, do they go with the atmosphere of the place you are traveling? It is appropriate to carry cotton fabric clothes than polyester as the latter can make you feel sweaty at the beach. Kaftan styles always look chic and are also useful if going from your beach chair to a bar.

  1. Bikini – If you are going for a week, take two. That way you can leave one to dry while you wear the other. It is worth shopping for them. Spend time trying on different styles and finding one that works for your body shape. Moreover, make sure it fits. No one wants to go for a dip and emerge topless.
  2. T-Shirts – Take two plain in a good cotton fabric. It will be useful while teaming them with shorts and also covering up the burnt shoulders.
  3. Shorts – Take one pair of denim goes for a looser fit with a frayed edge.
  4. Pajamas – A matching short set or nightie is perfect for humid nights.
  5. Shoes – Heels? On a beach outing? Many times you carry heels, and they stay in luggage only. Save the space and pack an appropriate pair of shoes that can worn at the beach.
  6. Flip-flops – Perfect for dinner when you want to feel a bit more comfortable.
  7. Water shoes – Useful when you are around the pool. Moreover, cooler than flip flops.
  8. Trainers – Good for sightseeing and if you are a gym bunny.
  9. Beach bag – Go for a simple straw version that you can fit a book into and also a bottle of sunscreen.
  10. Clutch – A clutch for the perfect evening at the beach or the bar.
  11. A cross body bag – Good for sightseeing and even for keeping your money/ debit cards secure.
  12. Scarf – You can carry scarf as a part of your outfit or else even to protect yourself from the wind and dirt.

  1. Shampoo/Conditioner/Dry Shampoo – Having a messy or a bed hairstyle is cool, but you do not want to have dry, sticky or smelly hair. Dry shampoo is a miracle in such situations, if you have not tried it yet, get one today itself. In case you want to take a shower keep these things around you, so you can freshen up yourself and even clean up you hairs after spending a day at the beach.
  2. Toothbrush – Pop in your carry-on toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste so you can freshen up in a mid-journey.
  3. Lotion/Face Mist – You are going to sweat a lot. For instant cooling and freshening up carry a small face mist with you.
  4. Aloe – Whether you plan it or not, there will naturally be some sunburn on the horizon. So packing a bottle of aloe will help relieve the pain.
  5. Deodorant – You do not want to smell bad around the beach right? So keep some good deodorant or perfumes to smell fresh always.
  6. Razors – Keep disposable ones with you as it is permitted in carry-on baggage, also it is legal to pack disposable razors and take tweezers also to keep yourself stubble free.
  7. Brushes/combs – You definitely need to keep hair brushes as hair is going to get really messy at the beach and you need one to look perfect always.
  8. Shower Cap – If you have done ironing or curls on your hair you do not wish that your hair gets messy when you are taking a bath, so make sure to carry one.

  1. Jewelry – Don’t take your most expensive jewelry with you. You will end up spending your days worrying about it falling off in the sea or locking it in a safe. Instead, just take what you wear on a day-to-day basis plus a pair of bright and colorful earrings for the evening.
  2. Makeup bag – Don’t take your full makeup bag. Going from sun lounger to pool to sun lounger means it will just melt or wash off. Instead, only carry your essentials and what you will need for the evening.
    • Waterproof mascara
    • Concealer
    • Highlighter to show off your tan

Keep your first aid kit properly. Pain reliever such as ibuprofen or aspirin which can help with sunburn, headaches and more; Imodium or an anti-diarrheal medicines that calm your digestive system; and hydrocortisone and antibacterial cream to cure any itches and cuts. Moreover, a pack of band-aids never hurt anyone!

Even pack some basic medicines that you think will be needed. And, if you are a hardcore party animal, it might be a good idea to have some anti-hangover pills with you.

One more thing that you can take along on a vacation or whenever you are traveling, for being on a safer side in the journey, is the medical bracelet. Let’s see what is a medical bracelet.

Medical Bracelet – A medical identification tag is a small symbol, sign or tag on a bracelet, having a message about what kind of medical condition the wearer has for any emergency or if anything happens to that person.

  1. Beach towels – You probably need an extra towel to dry yourself. Some towels are pretty lightweight and do not take much space, try using those!
  2. Water bottle – Always carry your water bottle at the beach to keep yourself hydrated as finding water at beach is difficult at times.
  3. Umbrellas – Pack a lightweight & portable umbrella to keep yourself comfortable.Wet Bag – What you will you do of all your wet clothes at the beach after some time? You cannot put wet, dirty clothes with your clean clothes. Wet Bag will help you to keep all your wet clothes differently.
  4. Beach Chairs – They are much more comfortable than sitting or lying on towels. Take it from an experienced beach goer on this one!
  5. Portable Ice Maker Machine – If you have portable ice maker machine with you at beach than you can make your mocktails and cocktails breezy cool and relax at beach with your drink.
  6. Beach Blanket – There are various types of beach blanket for relaxing around the beach. Let’s look at some various types of beach blanket you can carry with you.
    • Water Resistant Blanket – When the sand is all wet after a night of rain or from the waves, it’s nice to have a large blanket that has a waterproof bottom.
    • Large Beach Blanket – The large beach blanket measures a massive seven-by-seven feet and comes with four stakes and corner sand pockets, so it stays securely flat even without people or things on it. It’s thin and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry in your bag.
    • Round Beach Blanket – Often we get to see rectangular beach blankets, but there’s also a round beach blanket that makes a splash at the beach.
    • Parachute Nylon Blankets – This material is designed to repel sand and water easily and has the ability to dry very quickly. Parachute nylon blankets have been made with tough, breathable, lightweight, strong and durable material which gives benefit to the user, as it can be used for many years.

    There are a wide range of beach blankets in the market you can buy from, apart from these beach blankets.

  7. Sunhat – A woven straw sunhat is timeless. Buy one at your destination to save having to take it on the plane where it will certainly get stuffed.
  8. Sunglasses – go for a classic shape in black or tortoiseshell with a good UV filter.
  9. Bottle opener – While relaxing at beach, you may find yourself drinking soda and other beverages in glass bottles. Pop a keychain bottle opener in your carry-on, and you will not find yourself struggling to get that beer bottle opened!
  10. Garbage bag – You should always carry a garbage bag at the beach as it is necessary to throw all the garbage in that bag only so as to keep the beach clean.
  11. Waterproof sunscreen – A Face and body sunscreen, you can always buy this at the airport to save on check in weights.
  12. Lip balm/perfector – Burnt lips? Ouch! Bring along a moisturizing lip balm that has SPF. It will help to protect you from the sun, and also give a soothing feel to your lips.
  13. Bug spray – One with insect repellent is handy if you are one of those people that mosquitoes seem to love.
  14. Hand sanitizer – After playing around the sand and water all day you will feel hungry after a while, but you do not want to eat germs, right? So it is better to carry a hand sanitizer to keep yourself healthy.
  15. Face Wipes – After falling asleep in a funky position, face wipes can help wake up your skin and take you from a groggy traveler to a beach-bound beauty.
  1. A charger and an adaptor are a must.

    Source – skyscanner.net
    When it comes to travel adapters, USB adapters, voltage converters, differing plug types, wireless adapters, adapter/converter combos and universal travel adapters. Choose the correct one for you, depending upon your travel needs.However, you can get travel adapter/converter combo units that can handle voltage between 100v-240v. You’ll also find that some plug types are used across wider regions of the world.

      • A European Plug – type C, type E, type F
      • American Plug – type A, type B
      • Canadian Plug – type A
      • Asia – You’ll Find Different Plug Types Being Used In Different Countries – type D, type M, type C, type K, type E, type F
      • Australian Plug – type I
      • Adapter Type Of United States Of America – type A, type B, type N, C, E, F(South America)
      • African Plug – type C, type E, type F, type D,type M, type G

    These are only some rules, so try to be safe and prepared for different plug types and voltage according to the region you’re visiting.

  2. Even a power bank is always a good idea for a beach outing.
  3. Download films, books and TV shows for the plane and if you are using your phone to take photos make sure to have plenty of memory and a selfie stick to capture all your outing moments.
  4. Even carry your camera to capture moments of your beach time and journey.

  1. Surf Report – Wondering whether you should play hooky from work or to sneak in a day at the beach? Check out Surf Report, a free app that gives you information about weather, surf conditions, tides, current air and water temperatures, and more. The app comes with a weather forecast and you can see the weather in real time by connecting to one of their 140 live streaming HD cameras.
  2. Google Translate – Google Translate has an almost sci-fi feature: offline and real-time translation. Download the language you need, and aim the camera at the text you need translated. Boom instant translation. Because of google translate it’s easy to understand the language of a foreign country.
  3. WeatherPRO -Everyone has their favourite weather app, but WeatherPRO is extremely detailed, including ski weather, beach weather (with UV Index and water temperatures), and most importantly it’s accurate.
  4. Tripoto Travel App: Plan Trips – Tripoto is a unique travel app to discover real travel itineraries written by real travellers, with real route maps, photos and guides. Discover more than 20000+ places to visit in India and 200000+ more in the world. Get inspired to travel more with this travel app & trip planner.
  5. Expedia Hotels, Flights & Cars – Book your hotels, flights, rental cars, activities and bundle deals on the Expedia App! Please note rental cars, activities and bundle deals are only available on the phone app. From planning to booking and beyond, the Expedia App is designed to enhance your travel. Save with mobile-exclusive deals and stay one step ahead with flight, hotel and car alerts and view your trip details anytime, anywhere.

Either you are going with your friends or alone, you need to be careful. We suggest carrying a little black book with your details, blood group, emergency contact numbers and the hotel address neatly noted down in it. You can also use it to take down travel notes and make to-do lists.

People tend to hit the beach for 3-7 days when they get to go. Sometimes it is a weekend trip, also sometimes you are lucky enough to rent a house for an entire week. Instead of dreading that last minute packing frenzy, here is our Beach Vacation Packing List, which allows you to do packing all in in advance.

The key is to pack multi-purpose items and resist the urge of overpacking.