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Here we have listed the top replacements we have found for 2018.



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What Happened to Instagress?

Instagress is officially off the market and has been for a while. Instagram has swept through the internet and eradicated as many automated bots as it could, so for a while there it seemed as if the options were a bit limited. But for every third party for Instagram lost, two have sprouted in its place.

There are some great alternatives to Instagress available out there, and with technology ever moving forward and improving, they will have updated features that will keep you on the pulse of the Instagram marketing game. Let’s take a look at a couple of tools and services.


Follow Adder as an Instagress Replacement

Follow Adder operates like a standard automated bot, so if you’ve used one before you’ll be familiar with how it works. It can automatically schedule engaging activity like following, unfollowing, liking and commenting. It can even send direct messages to people who have just started following you – a bonus that puts a personalized touch on your automatic activity.


Follow Adder’s Main Features

  • Following: Follow Adder can automate all essential activity like following and unfollowing. This is a way better option than buying Instagram followers because the growth and feedback is organic. Follow Adder bases which it chooses to follow on your targeted niche list so that you’re connecting with people who are highly likely to be interested in your page and its content. On the flip side, it’s easy to unfollow people who don’t follow you back because Follow Adder compiles data that reveals this information.
  • Scheduled Posting: Follow Adder can publish your posts for you on an automated schedule so that you can maintain a consistent presence on Instagram. Through their collected analytics, Follow Adder works out when your followers and targeted niche are going to be online, thus giving you a good chance of growing your engagement with your content.
  • Commenting and Liking: another helpful tool that works to increase your engagement with existing and potential followers directly.
  • Direct Messaging: this is advantageous when it comes to building a trustworthy and loyal following. Follow Adder can direct message people who have just started following you, thanking them for the follow and giving them a call-to-action.
  • Targeted Searches: Follow Adder gives you the option of specified, targeted niche searches that track down people who are going to be interested in your content.
  • Multiple Profiles: Follow Adder has the means of managing multiple profiles, making it worth what you pay for it – especially if you have more than one profile that you want to outsource engagement on.
  • Contests: a bonus tool of Follow Adder is that it will run contests for you. This is unique in that there aren’t that many automated bots currently on the internet that can run weekly or even monthly contests on your page.

Follow Adder provides all of the tools and features that you could want to get out of using an automated bot to promote your Instagram. Plus, it’s affordable and can be used to manage more than one account, making it economical. However, it is still a bot, which some people can be sceptical of.



Social Envy Managed Organic Growth

Social Envy operates a little differently to Follow Adder. It is an organic growth service for Instagram.

While it makes sense to use a bot if you’ve already used Instagress, this is an alternative to bots entirely that can boost the engagement on your profile.

This means that instead of an automated bot doing the work, people do it. It’s a company that provides a lot of the services bots like Follow Adder do, except they have people doing the job. This is safer than an automated bot, and it’s more ethical because it falls well within the strict guidelines that Instagram operates by when it comes to automatic engagement.


Social Envy’s Main Features

  • Getting Started: right from the get-go, Social Envy ensures that your experience with them is personal. You’re assigned a case manager who is in charge of managing your account for you. They stay with you the entire time, and you only work with this one person.
  • Audience Targeting: Social Envy relies heavily on the information you provide regarding your niche and target audience. They work exclusively within these boundaries to engage only with people they think will be interested in your account.
  • Weekly Report: Social Envy ensures that all their work they do on your behalf is transparent. This means that you can request a weekly report of all activity they are doing with your account, so you know precisely what their effort is going into and how your account is going.
  • Usernames: as well as requesting your target audience, Social Envy asks for as many usernames of competitors and idols that you can think of. Using this information, they target these followings, relying on the fact that they might also be interested in your page.
  • Locations: Social Envy can target specific areas geographically, including states, provinces and even countries. This way you can hone down your niche.
  • Specific Target Audience: Social Envy even allows you to specify your target audience right down to gender – you can choose to target one or both male and female.

Social Envy is a nice option.

However, it is more expensive than Follow Adder, so you have to decide whether it’s worth spending a little bit more to have a real person in charge of your account. If not, Follow Adder is also a great option and performs all the tasks you require from an automated bot.

While it’s not as safe as Social Envy and can potentially cross the lines Instagram has in place; it’s relatively safe and affordable for the kinds of services it provides.

Both are great alternatives and can work for your page, depending on what you are trying to achieve by outsourcing through a third party.



Using an Instagress Replacement to increase your sales

More businesses are utilizing images for marketing purposes on social media and more specifically the social media platform Instagram. With millions of users, it offers opportunities for businesses to build their brand and send out quick messages to their selected audience. This is mostly done through the use of photos.

When Instagram first arrived on the social media scene it did not offer much marketing value and was simply a way to post photos. However, it has become a very effective way to allow businesses to market their brand and reach new potential customers through photos and short messages.

When used effectively Instagram profiles can be utilized to reach a wider audience. Your business can promote your brand, products or services and other things that it may be doing behind the scenes.


Take care of your followers

This can be done by realizing what the audience wants and focus on this to keep them engaged. Firstly you need to realize who your audience is. This includes what demographics they are such as age, location and gender. Secondly, you must find out what gets their attention. A business can frequently post content of their brand to keep their audience engaged and also keep their followers high by including things like promotional codes in their content. As a result, these posts will receive lots of comments and likes. This is certainly one of the best ways to keep your followers engaged on social media. By rewarding followers with discount promotional codes when posting pictures. This will make them pay more attention to your posts and descriptions, like, comment and even repost them.


Reach new followers and potential customers

Instagram is a great tool to drive traffic from the platform to your website and can increase sales. Firstly you need to have followers in order to do this. In order your increase sales you must increase your followers also.


You have to engage and interact

Many marketing methods to increase followers. The key is to connect and engage. In order to connect, you must attract users and showcase your product or service to hopefully turn them into followers and potential customers. Research shows that customers are more likely to personally invest in a brand that is engaging and accessible. You need to make your content stand out from the crowd and also interact with users.


The most popular strategy to gain followers

In order to interact with users to gain followers, many Instagram marketers recommend using the ‘follow, like, comment’ approach. With this approach, you firstly find a user that is relevant to your brand through hashtags. Then you follow them, like their content and comment on it in the hope that they will follow you back.

Unfortunately, this is a very time-consuming method and receiving followers is not guaranteed with it.


An Instagress Alternative can be used to help you

If you are committed to gaining followers in order to build your profile and brand you can invest in an Instagram Bot such as Follow Adder. These bots similar to Instagress and use the same ‘follow, like, comment’ approach – but done on autopilot. It is a more time effective and efficient strategy for gaining followers.


Understand your target audience

Around 800 million people use Instagram on a daily basis in 2018, and over 60% of them said they discover new products on Instagram. This is the main reason while businesses are using marketing strategies specific to Instagram in order to get their product and brand seen by more people and to grow a strong following of potential customers who like and relate to their brand. In order to turn these users into customers, you must know and understand who your target audience is.


Know your demographics

In order to understand who exactly these millions of users are you need to look at the social media platforms demographics.

Common demographics include:
• Age
• Gender
• Income
• Location

Each business has its own unique audience. You cannot reach your target group without understanding the demographics of the social media platform.

Out of the 800 million monthly users, 80% of them actually comes from outside the USA and 68 % of users are believed to be females. The most competitive demographic is between the ages of 18 – 29, nearly 60% of Instagram users are between this ages.

After you know your target audience demographics it is important to find out what the audience wants and use that to keep them engaged.


Post quality content

Create posts that these users will want to like and comment on. As Instagram is a primarily visual social network platform it is important to use quality content. You can edit these photos to enhance them and make them look more professional in order to stand out.

Another tip is to know when your followers are most active. Then you can schedule your posts during these ideal times and remain on followers feeds without overcrowding them. It is important to post consistently during these times so you can maximize results.

Many people make the mistake of posting without interacting. In order to maximize your profile engagement is key. This will include responding to comments and direct messages on your account with your followers and also engaging with other profiles in order to gain more followers.


How to gain more followers

There are many approaches to gaining more followers for your account. The most common strategy is to find other accounts that are similar to yours. These accounts can be found by searching relevant hashtags. Connecting with people and other companies in your industry is critical in gaining followers.

Once you have found similar accounts can then use the ‘follow, like, comment approach’ to interact with them and hopefully receive a follow back. However, this time-consuming process does not guarantee a follow back.

Instagress, or one of its replacements can be used to help you do this same ‘follow, like, comment approach’ but on autopilot so you do not have to spend time doing this tedious method.

This is a more effective way to gain followers. For a small investment, the Bot will not only help you gain relevant followers from searching hashtags, it will also completely manage your account by responding to direct messages and scheduling posts.