If you are in one of those offices where technology has taken over, you most definitely sit at your desk all day typing away at your keyboard. The only break you have is when you are switching to your phone, tablet or to talk to a friend. This is disastrous. As you sit at your desk engrossed in your job, you are straining your back, eventually experiencing back pain.

Here are some simple and effortless tips for reducing back pain at the office that will definitely help your back and make you feel comfortable.


Set Up Your Desk

Make an evaluation of your workstation so that you provide a comfortable work environment. Make sure you have an ergonomic chair with an adjustable backrest and footrest among others. Evaluate the position of the computers, mouse and the screen. If you have upper back pain, make sure you opt for a standing desk to help you.

You can also go for a standup converter. This allows you to change the desk to a standing position when need be.


Walk Around

Make sure you stand up regularly to walk off the strain that builds up in your back for sitting for long. You need less than a minute to give the back a chance to move and the muscles to relax.


Sit With Proper Support

The right ergonomic setup starts with the sitting position you adopt.  Place both feet flat on the floor making sure the height of your chair allows your thighs to angle downward slightly. The posture gives you the luxury of placing your weight on the necessary bones that are supposed to sustain this weight, instead of placing them on the vulnerable parts of the back.

Choose a chair that gives you full lumbar support and helps you arch your back slightly. If you cannot get a chair with lumbar support, go for a pillow placed behind your back. Hint: research on how to choose the right ergonomic chair for your weight and size.


Set the Right Keyboard Tray Height

Your keyboard ought to be high enough so that when you bend your elbows at 90 degrees you don’t have to slump your shoulders forward to type. If it is too low and you can’t adjust it, place it on the desk. The muse ought to be at the same level with your keyboard. You can angle the tray or not depending on your preference.


Proper Eye Level

Make sure you maintain proper eye level with your monitor at all times. This helps you avoid straining your upper back. To achieve this, sit with your office chair with your eyes staring at the monitor straight ahead. If you aren’t looking at the center of the monitor, adjust the seat or desk height until you are comfortable.


Adjust Armrests

Make sure you adjust your armrests to maintain the correct posture. Proper adjustment avoids strain on your lower back. For proper adjustment, make sure the armrests are positioned in such a way that they lift your shoulders slightly. This prevents you from slouching, which is the major cause of back pain.


Quick Takeaway

One of the major causes of poor employee turnover is back pain. Employees are spending a lot of cash on insurance and medical scheme for employees, which ends up eating into the company’s overhead. One of the ways to handle this issue is to make sure the employees are seating comfortably. Give them regular breaks so that they can be relaxed. Train them to make adjustments on the armrests and recliner so that your employees can sit longer on the chair without experiencing back pain and other related issues.