Automated chat bots.

They are used to handle certain chat tasks and are designed to take the place of human interaction for routine queries, services, and customer engagement. Today’s consumer wants to know that your business is there for them.

They want to communicate with you through a medium that fits their lifestyle. Nowadays, communicating is widely done via chat/messaging. More specifically, social media messaging like messengers on Facebook and Instagram.

Since social media marketing has become such a huge strategy for creating brand awareness, the apps that are attached to social media channels are part of that strategy. Now, you could sit at your computer and manage your social media messaging apps manually, or you can find the perfect automation chat bot to handle the simple stuff.


Messenger Bots and Tasks

For instance, what if a customer needs to know your hours of operation? You shouldn’t have to keep typing that information in manually. A chat bot can automate that answer for you with a few pieces of information you input into the system.

Let’s take that to the next level. A chat business bot that can generate links to your most used services for instance. Banks offer services like opening an account, checking your balance, transferring funds, and such.

If you provide certain services that allow customers to check on their account, make changes to their account, add or remove services from their account, you can program a messenger bot to include links to those pages on your website. It’s a matter of inputting the correct responses according to cues from the customer’s query.

Now, consider answering some commonly asked questions via messenger bot. When you program frequently asked questions into your bot, it can answer them for customers without engaging your real customer service agents, thereby opening up their time to answer more pressing questions and concerns from your customers.

Other bots can also automate your interactions on social media. Think Tube Assist for YouTube, or Follow Adder for Instagram.


Messenger Bots Make Your Brand Humanly Relevant

Because chat bots are intelligent enough to respond like a human via chat and messaging, your brand becomes humanly relevant. In most cases, the average consumer can’t tell the difference between your real customer service agents and your chat bots.

If you look at other such technology like smartphone, tablet, or computer assistants (i.e. Siri for iOS, Cortana for Windows 10 OS, Alexa for Amazon Fire, and other such assistant technology), this kind of intelligence engages you on various levels.

You can ask for directions and you get them. You can request help for finding a restaurant or a restroom when traveling and the information is virtually instantly provided. This is basically the same kind of technology that has been in development for several years.

Do you remember Microsoft Bob? He was released in 1995 by Microsoft and was a primitive form of what is now the personal assistant bot used across technology. You couldn’t speak to Bob, but you could ask him questions by typing in the data into his search bar.

Bob was discontinued in 1996, not quite a year after his release, but later, Rover (Microsoft’s dog mascot) showed up in XP’s file search. Quick Assist, Windows Remote Assistance, and such technology was similar in function, but not used exactly the same way. Who knows? Microsoft Bob could make a comeback in the coming years.

The evolution of messenger bots is only just beginning. Every business should be using it to boost brand awareness, customer engagement, and human relevancy across the board.