Instagram is a visual social channel that rivals Facebook in the areas of engagement and user base. It’s also a social network that can consume much of your time to keep it active and to use it to promote your business.

If you already use it for your business, you know how time-consuming it can be.


What if you could manage your engagement with Instagram automation?

Many businesses that use Instagram today are using Instagram automation, or Instagram bots to manage their marketing on this social network. With a few social media automation software programs out of the picture, InstaQ is designed to be an intelligent automation application that automates all your Instagram marketing activities like no other automation tool on the market.


Why do businesses use Instagram?

Instagram is a wildly successful social media site for businesspeople. Its fast growth, effective engagement, and visual focus provide online and brick and mortar businesses more exposure, which results in more revenue.

Did you know that you can use this social platform to drive traffic to your Amazon affiliate sites, sales pages, videos, squeeze pages, sales pages, and virtually anything you are marketing or promoting from your business to a charitable cause?


Why InstaQ?

InstaQ is a tool that automates your activities so you can effectively grow your business. With VIP status, you can even obtain access to more exclusive tools, marketing materials, and content.

InstaQ offers an unlimited free trial to use, so you can try it before you buy the premium subscription, or use the free subscription until you see you are benefiting from the program.

The unlimited trial allows you to get updates, run autopilot, and offers the follow and like features. However, only premium provides the unfollow, image upload, commenting feature, messaging feature, proxy support, hashtag tool, VIP membership, and image scraper tool.


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Concerns and Questions about InstaQ


Is InstaQ safe?

You may already know that MassPlanner was shut down, so that may cause you some concern about using another automation tool for Instagram. InstaQ is privatizing their products, so there will not be any public pages or websites. Word of mouth will be the only method of obtaining these products. This reduces the risk of being shut down, but it also means public sales of the products will close soon, making it difficult to obtain in the very near future. Prices have been discounted and made affordable for almost everyone.


What’s the purpose of InstaQ?

This application was developed exclusively to automate marketing activities on Instagram. The goal is to automate those time-consuming, repetitive tasks while building your authority on Instagram. It helps you garner brand awareness, likes, and followers faster than doing it manually.


What InstaQ isn’t

InstaQ isn’t designed to help you get rich quick or to gain followers or new traffic overnight. No tool should do that because it would most certainly get you flagged. The real-user feel is part of what makes InstaQ so effective.


InstaQ Licensing

InstaQ works on Mac, Windows, and Linux respectively as long as you have the newest Java installed. It can be used on as many machines as you choose in trial mode, but only one with the premium license.


Final Thoughts

Just like Follow Adder, InstaQ works behind the scene to emulate normal activities on Instagram just like you are manually doing it via your browser. That’s what makes this program different and so effective.