If you’ve been turning your nose up at Instagress and it’s alternatives such as Follow Adder,  and automation bots that work with social media messengers and chat applications, there are some things you should consider before completely closing the door on this technology for your business’ sake.

Before you decide to invest in a bot for your business’ messaging, you should know the significance of how modern consumers communicate today.


Bots have been on social media for years

You probably just didn’t know about it. YouTube has been battling bots forever. Tube Assist was previously a popular bot that skimmed content, and added views and subscribers to videos.


Virtually everyone is messaging at some level

Flurry Analytics reported that last year alone, social media and messaging showed an increase of a mind-boggling 400 percent. This is the kind of analytics that awakened businesses to the fact that chat, social media, and messaging is how today’s consumers are communicating. Email is becoming passé due to spam, text is a limited option, and phone calls are restricting to most people. Messaging apps that allow you to reach out to your customers are fast-becoming a must-have communication tool.


Messaging goes beyond simple communications

Messaging on social media brings attention to your brand, or garners brand awareness. The first phase of automated chat bots was limited and they were capable of only bare-bone interaction. People could tell when they were engaging with an automated chat agent or a real person. Today’s messaging bots (chatbots) are more complex and can engage in an interactive and nearly human manner. Few people can tell the difference with the new tech.


The messaging experience is easy and seamless

If you were to build a mobile app, you would need to make it compatible with multiple operating systems, get it into the various app stores, find ways to help your audience locate it, download it, log into it, and enable notifications through it. That’s a lot of work for you and for your potential and existing customers. A better way would be to distribute your messaging culture would be to add your chat bot as a contact that can be promoted as a plugin, QR code, an ad, or a custom m.me link. Then you’re making things work!


Messaging is considered a social experience

Social interaction is the ‘in thing’ and messaging is the most popular way to communicate for a vast majority of social media users. At the heart of messaging, it’s all about being social. Users are interacting with bots all the time when they message, as are their friends, and their friends, and – you get the picture. It’s viral social interaction, which is something that messaging is designed to do.


The shift to messaging is happening at a fast rate

Smartphone, tablet, and computer users already have the hardware to run messaging apps of various types. It’s that ease of access and use that has them using this technology and keeps them coming back for more. Mobile apps for messaging are already becoming the standard, so it makes sense for businesses to get on board with them. In China, 40 percent of WeChat users engage via messaging with businesses every day.


Final Thoughts

Messaging is set to make a massive impact on how we do business, much like social media and mobile devices revolutionized the way people socialize and engage with businesses. What should you do about it? If you have a business app, don’t get rid of it.

After all, you didn’t get rid of your website when apps became popular did you? Determine how to best integrate your website, app, and messaging/chat experience and make this new technology work for you.