If you’re looking to grow your social media following you’re in luck.

The avenues to do so have multiplied several-fold over the last couple years. Many want to be famous and social media gives them the opportunity to make it happen. The issue is most don’t know how.


Managed.Social: An Experienced Organic Growth Team

There are teams that do work and teams that do great work. The team at Managed.Social understands social media and (here’s my favourite part because it’s rare) they understand customer service.

While customer service is expected it isn’t always there because there are simply so many clients. The people at Managed.Social understand that there are people behind the accounts and act like it when dealing with clients.


The Nuts and Bolts of Their Service

Your initial experience with them will likely go something like an interview. You’ll discuss what your goals are for your account, who your target audience is and how you want to grow your account. This would be your chance to get to know how they function.

The information you’ll give them will help them with planning how to attack your growth objectives. Remember that thing about research? The more information you have the more precise they can be down the line.

After your talk, they’ll analyze your account and get to work. Once again – it’s a slow process, but good things come with time.

If you’re worried about security, don’t be. They protect your account via proxies and don’t do anything off-kilter or irregular. There are no bots used to inflate follower numbers or pad your likes and views. That would kind of ruin their reputation as an organic growth service.

They have two respective service options: Basic and Premium. They charge on a per month basis with Basic being $69 and Premium $99. The difference between the services is that anyone can purchase a basic service plan, but Premium is exclusive and more focused on resulting in better growth.

At the end of the day, they’re a team of humans that run your account personally. If you’re looking for a way to grow your account, I’d recommend them.


Social Media Marketing and What Makes an Expert

Marketing on social media isn’t rocket science. It is, however, effort-intensive and immensely time-consuming when done right. An expert at growth hacking is an individual that’s invested a wealth of time into understand little things that most don’t pay attention to.

Chances are you know what a hashtag is, but have you researched the impact of it’s usage on your content? Are you aware of how long it’s been a trend and where? Do you know the demographics that use it and how you can target them in your next upload? This is the difference between people who have fun on social media – and experts.

Experts know specifically what questions to ask. To craft a brand strategy there needs to be a set of parameters to work within and a goal to work towards. It’s the expert job to get those two things from their client and research what they can do to get that done.

While you absolutely have the right to take your time and become an expert yourself chances are you have better things to do like…say…work on your business or that amazing content you planned to upload. If all you really need is to get it out there to the world there are services to help you.


Automation: Quick, but Risky

If you’ve been on Instagram enough you’ve probably come across an account that seems to be EVERYWHERE. They happen to chance upon everyone and everything within their niche. They’ve liked, commented or followed every account you’ve seen in their category. You can’t escape them.

I have a secret for you – that account is likely running an automation service such as an Instagram bot such as Follow Adder, or another Instagress alternative.

There are services that mimic the actions of users by liking, unliking, following, unfollowing etc. These are far more popular than many would believe because honestly, they’re effective. They’re so effective that Instagram is doing its best to shut these services down.

The search for “Irregularities” is part of the unending purge of automated services. Being caught can result in account bans and while some automation companies are fantastic about covering their tracks through proxies and intelligent time the risk isn’t worth it to everyone.

For those accepting of the risk, the payoff is explosive growth. Automation plays the numbers game. Contacting to many people and casting such a huge net so-to-speak means someone’s going to bite and those bites become authentic organic engagement, albeit through inorganic means.


Organic: Slow and Steady

For those that aren’t interested in casting the biggest net possible, there are organic services. These are more expensive and don’t result in explosive growth. The difference, however, is that these services are far more specific and far less likely to get your account banned.

The general gist is that a team of experts will remotely build your following based on your needs. Rather than simply liking and following everything they’ll like, follow and engage with “the right” accounts.

To keep up with the “net” metaphor, what an organic growth cast is a smaller net made for specific catches. The goal is to engage with accounts that are relevant and increase your value through their networks as well.

On topic, engagement is always a better brand builder.