Instagram bots have often been seen as a controversial, but one of the most effective ways to grow your Instagram account.

Although this may be true, unfortunately, they are not the safest.


Organic growth services for Instagram

Although the use of an Instagram bot can grow your following in an explosive way, it is an unsafe approach.

On the other hand, an organic growth service such as Social Envy is a slow and steady but safe and sure approach to managing and growing your account.




Why is Social Envy viewed as a safe service?

The main reason is that when Social Envy manages your account it will be managed by real people and not an automated service. The benefit of having your account managed by real people means that your profile will not be in breach of Instagram’s terms of service.

An added benefit is that these people are social media marketing experts. An automated service leaves much room for error. Instead of having a Bot working freely on autopilot following accounts, liking and commenting on posts and possibly leaving spammy comments.

A real person will be overseeing exactly what account is followed, what content is liked and commented on with the added benefit of the human eye and brain to see that the content is relevant or not compared to a bots approach of using hashtags. These experienced people will use algorithms and data from your profile based on your target audience and existing followers to grow your account.


Pay a higher price for much lower risk

2 main options for outsourcing your marketing on Instagram are bots and managed organic growth services.

Social Envy is indeed one of the leading services in its industry. Although implementing a decent Instagram bot is a much cheaper option it can also be high risk if you don’t know what you’re doing – which in turn has with the threat of being shut down at any moment by Instagram.

Social Envy is more expensive but the premium rate comes with a premium service which safely provides results for not only your Instagram account but it can be used on other social media platforms such as Pinterest and Twitter too. 

After a year of aggressive takedowns of automated services by Instagram (such as Instagress being shut down) – bots are now deemed to be high risk.




Why is Instagram against the use of bots?

The main reason Instagram is against the use of botting on its platform is that they view it as an artificial way to grow your account.

It is also a breach of Instagram’s terms of use.

As a result, users are hesitant to keep investing in Bots for their marketing purposes as they are worried that their selected service could be shut down at any moment. There are plenty of other options available to outsource your Instagram marketing to, some of which offer an option to grow your account in a natural way.